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Tips on How to Buy the Picture-Perfect Home for You and Your Family

Moving home is almost never an easy process, especially if you have to help prepare your family for the move too. Moreover, changing homes can be particularly challenging if you want your new home to meet the requirements of your wishlist - while still staying under budget or coming close to the maximum amount you’re able to spend. Here’s how to simplify the moving process for your family without compromising on the home of your dreams. Work with Elite KY Homes if you need assistance in finding the right home for you.

Tips for making the moving process easier on your kids

Moving homes is going to be a huge transition for your kids. And while some children may take it better than others, it is still likely to be a drastic change for them nonetheless. Furthermore, you’ll have to consider how you’re going to address your children's reactions to the situation. For example, teenagers might find the news easier to digest, while toddlers may be more apprehensive about the big change that’s about to take place. Regardless of whether you have one child or many children to break the news to, here’s how to help prepare them for what’s to come.

Talk Through the Process with Them

As mentioned before, moving can be particularly hard for younger kids to understand. To help allay their fears a bit, it could be beneficial to sit and have a heart-to-heart chat about why you’re moving, when you plan to move, and what they can expect (and be excited about) in their new home.

Include Them in Decision-Making

One way to get your kids to be more involved in the moving process and to make them feel more included is to involve them in decisions both big and small (age-appropriately, of course), to help them transition well to their new surroundings.

Stick to Your Routine

Young children depend on routine to feel safe and secure. Therefore, if you want things to remain as normal as possible for your child’s peace of mind, then it may be a good idea to stick to the routine they’re used to as much as possible so that they aren’t impacted by the disruption of the move quite as much.

Choose a Home that Fits Your Needs and Budget

Of course, choosing the best home for your family will likely come down to what your budget can afford. However, your budget doesn’t necessarily have to limit what you’re able to get for your money. Depending on the neighborhood, you could still end up getting almost everything on your wishlist. However, you may have to sacrifice your commute or scenic view, for example, to get it. Otherwise, you could research comparable prices in your neighborhood or region in the hopes that you might find the deal of a lifetime.

You may find it more budget-friendly to rent a house or apartment instead of purchasing. Although you don’t build equity, you also don’t have to worry about costly repairs, yard maintenance, or other monthly expenses. A family-friendly home or unit can cost you around $1,500 per month in rent in the Louisville area.

Choosing the Right Type of Home for Your Entire Family

We all have our unique preferences with regard to the look of the home we desire. Perhaps, you’re dead set on a Ranch-style house because you can’t stand the thought of going up and down stairs every day. Or perhaps you like the look and feel of a townhouse more. It all comes down to deciding on a home that’s going to fit your family's unique preferences to a tee. Therefore, it might be a worthwhile exercise to do a bit of investigative research on the type of properties that are available and what they have to offer. A good realtor, like those at Elite KY Homes, can also help you to weigh these factors and make a good decision.

If you’ll be working from home or moving a business alongside your family, take that into consideration, too. Different home styles lend more easily to creating a home office. Or if you need storage space for inventory or production, that will also change your home options. Whether the office will be at home or in another building, be sure to label boxes clearly so your movers know where things go. You’ll want to be up and running again quickly, and lost or mislabeled boxes will cause significant delays. Work with your IT department or services to ensure communication and online access is readily available as soon as you are, so your business doesn’t miss a beat.

Things to Pay Attention to When Buying a Home

As far as buying a home goes, this is one life-changing decision for the diligent at heart, just because you should be well aware of the basics of the buying process. For instance, it may be a good idea to hire an agent if you don't have the time to find the best home prices in your area or if you don't have savvy negotiation skills to bring to the table. Other important considerations you'll most probably have to think about include investigating what your mortgage and loan options are, inspecting your future home thoroughly, looking into homebuyers' assistance if you need to, and waiting to buy until the market is in your favor.

A fair amount of preparation and planning is necessary if you want to make a family move as stress-free as possible. But even more than that, you should plan it in such a way that it’s something that everyone can look forward to. Be realistic about what your family needs, and weigh in what everyone wants, to find a property that works for everyone. And use the experienced team at Elite KY Homes for your Louisville, KY or Tampa, Florida move.

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By: Simone McFarlane

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